The 2023 Walk for Respectful Relationships is on Friday 24 November. 
If you haven't organised who you're walking with, now is a great time to start planning! The year is flying by, and the next few months will be no exception.
When you know, make sure you, your school group or organisation register for the walk via our website at
The walk will be on Friday 24th November 2023 with marshalling starting at 9:30am at Don Lucas Reserve, Cronulla.
The walk will commence at 10:15am.

This is a great opportunity for you to show your support and raise awareness of Domestic & Family Violence within your own community, by getting together with your family, friends, or colleagues to go out for a walk - at any time during the day - and talk about what you can do to create a safer community for women and children. While you're out on your walk, snap a photo, post it on your socials using the hashtag #EveryStepCounts and #StandUpSpeakOut

The Walk for Respectful Relationships committee consists of the local community members, local not-for-profits, school representatives, and multiple levels of government, who collectively are passionate about raising awareness on the issue of Domestic & Family Violence.  The Committee has no political affiliation and is focused on bi-partisan agreement and co-operation to achieve stated objectives.


  • The Walk for Respectful Relationships Committee aims to raise awareness for Domestic and Family violence through an annual community walk and presentation assembly.
  • This event aims to speak out against domestic and family violence and highlight the work that needs to be done within our community to make a change and reduce the impacts of Domestic and Family Violence within the community.
  • We further wish to highlight services within the community that can help both survivors and offenders of Domestic & Family Violence to reduce the impact and occurrence of reoffending of Domestic and Family Violence crimes.
  • The committee invites local citizens, businesses, services as well as schools to participate in the walk and presentation. The participation of schools is integral to the walk, to encourage young people to participate in leadership focused on social change. The committee further acknowledges the significant work social services are currently offering and aims to support pre-existing programs and services that support families impacted by violence and raise awareness.


  1. Raising Awareness: Working collaboratively with our community to create an environment where our community has a deep understating and awareness of the extent and impact of DFV.
  2. Knowledge: Knowledge is required to support women, children and men in their homes, making known the available services within the community who can help all members of our local community.
  3. Understanding: that we, as individuals and as a collective, can make a difference by standing up and speaking out about violence; that by participating we are advocating for change.
  4. Do: Taking the awareness, knowledge and understanding gained from participating in the walk and presentation, and actively applying it to an individuals life can be extremely impactful in changing our communities attitudes to DFV.